Job Search Radio – EPISODE #100! And it is a great one, too.

What do the global consulting firms look for when they hire? How do they source and interview talent?

In this episode, I speak with Samuel Morgenstein, Talent Acquisition Manager for the Consulting & Deals practice of PwC Canada about he looks for when he is sourcing and interviewing people at all levels.

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Job Search Radio -What Companies Look for When They Hire and The Feedback They Give

Have you ever received a phone call from a recruiter, either corporate or third party, with feedback after an interview and was told, “Sorry. Too light?”

As someone who has worked as a contract recruiter, agency recruiter and coach, Jeff Brockman has heard the real feedback from employers about the people who his clients have interviewed and shares the mistakes job hunters have made that have caused the rejection.



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Job Search Radio – What Companies look for When They Hire with Emily Quinn of Mindbody, Inc.


When thinking about finding a job, it’s common for job hunters to focus on themselves and forget about the employer and their needs. That mistake can be instrumental in failing with their networking, their resume, their phone interviews . . . every step in the recruiting process can be adversely affected by that critical oversite.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter speaks with Emily Quinn about what companies look for when they recruit people, evaluate resumes and interview someone.


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