Networking Advice from “The Godfather” About Reciprocity

Ep 261 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter uses a quote from the movie, “the Godfather” to illustrate the importance of reciprocity when networking.

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(Speaking like the Godfather) "I've done you this favor.. Someday I will ask you for a favor, and you will not refuse me." That's Marlon Brando in, "The Godfather." He is speaking with the funeral home director.

You keep reaching out to people all the time to network. Suddenly, someone reaches out to you who has been helpful to you and you act in an almost indignant manner.

Get over it! You're asking people for favors and they are entitled to ask you from for favors, too.

Recognize there is supposed to be reciprocity and networking. Just remember the advice from the Godfather. "I done you this favor. Someday I will ask you a favor and you shall not refuse me." And they are right to ask you for the favor. You've asked them and they had been helpful to you.

Come on! Be generous. If you want to advance professionally, if you want to find work, not just simply in this search, but throughout your career, don't burn your relationships. Make sure that you are always there being generous with what you offer, so that this way you can turn around to someone and say that line.

"I've done you this favor. Someday I'll ask you…" You get the idea.

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