On this short show, Jeff Altman,The Big Game Hunter attempts to discourage you from using resume templates.

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I want to talk with you today about resume templates.

1st of all, there are millions of them all over the web and, frankly, don't use them. I'm just gonna make it that simple. Don't use them. Here's why.

1. You have to comply with your format.. Yes, you can shop for lots of different formats... Do you really want to take the time?

2. The issue isn't necessarily the template or the format; the issue is the content that you're putting in.. You may say is attractive and presents very nicely, but can cause problems for the reader. Here's how. All of us whether we are a corporation or a recruiting firm, are using applicant tracking systems. We are looking to parse data into our systems. We are not manually re-keying things. We don't want to copy and paste your resume into our system. No matter whether corporate or third-party, all of our software are parsing resumes into fields that work properly. A lot of the templates have embedded headers. That can be a problem because a lot of parsing software has trouble reading embedded headers. We then have to manually re-key. At that point, you are a pain in the ass.

3. Sometimes people are cognizant of how the text is fitting into the template. Thus, at times I see resumes where information is cut off midfield or midsentence because a person didn't pay attention to the fact that the text that they have written for the resume didn't fit into the field that was assigned by the template. As a result, it scrolls out of you. See you always have to look at it.

The real issue though is about parsing. You need to ensure that your resume is "parsable" by all of us were receiving. For big companies, the issue for them is around government reporting. They're going to delete your resume if it doesn't parse properly.

If you're submitting a template you can have problems associated with it that you are not conscious of, but are impacted by.

Also, don't send your resume directly to employers. There are a lot of reasons for that that I covered in some of my videos. If you're sending it to recruiting firm, you don't want to be a problem resume for them; you just want to give them great information and frankly, most of the templates don't even look that good.

You can copy the look of the template. That's fine. But don't actually use one.

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