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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter uses a story about Walt Disney to encourage you to step up your game.
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People would do some work for Walt Disney. They would show it to him. He would take a look at it and say, "This is great! Now, plus it! Step it up! Make it even better!"

I'm a tell you that about your job hunting , because you are probably doing it half assed and you think it is good enough, but the impact is that you are doing 1/2 ass job and maybe is going to work but most of the time it isn't.

Step up your game. Plus it. Try harder. Put in more effort.

I know some of you are working a full day and then you are sending out resumes were you trying to network. Whatever it is, doing it halfway is going to get you halfway results. Maybe you look into something. But, at the end of the day, you've got to plus it. You have to step up your game and put in the effort now in order to ensure that you get the opportunities that you want.

Then, when you get those opportunities, you've got to practice, practice hard, be great at delivering the message so that in this way, once you are in the door they're going to want to hire you.

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