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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses the overarching technique he must employ when networking.​

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I get tons of connection requests on LinkedIn and never hear from that person again. Yes, they are connected with my network and they are connected with me. But what if you actually done to network? How have you tried to build a relationship with someone like me in order to gain my trust, provide a referral or that sort of thing?

Unmotivated because I'm in sales so I'm trying to help people find work. If you not trying to connect with me beyond sending me a connection request, what are you really doing to network? It's not about your numbers. It's what you do with your numbers to develop the trusting relationship that makes sense.

I was doing a podcast recently with Ray Gooch who hosts another show. In the course of the podcast, I said something the effect of, "Networking is a full contact sport. It's about the relationship that you build in the course of being connected with someone that helps you and them.

Let me use an anecdote from 1 of Ray's shows. There was someone he had on who made a career change into healthcare IT. They start the network with someone at Ohio State, took a couple of years learning about someone things that she thought worked well, develop a personal relationship. It took about 3 years when a position opened up so she reached out to him and he starting the job at Ohio State.

The long the short of it is you need to start working and thinking about the relationship, not the numbers as being important. You need to think in terms of connecting with people so that they can learn about you and trust you, not what you get from them.

Remember, networking is a full contact sport. It is not about your numbers. It is about your relationship with people. Build your relationships.

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