Being Foolish with a Recruiter

Ep 281 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses one of the foolish things people do when they are interviewed by a recruiter.

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It happened so often that I have to mention it..

I'm interviewing someone over the phone, and I'm asking questions about the work. Eventually I am asked something that translates into, "Didn't you read my resume?"

Well, don't you understand what a recruiter does? Recruiters pay to evaluate and assess people on behalf of their institutional customers. We may have read, skimmed or not read your resume. Anything is possible.. But what we are trying to do is get an idea of how well you will interview. How you present your ideas. How cogently you discuss them. Whether your voice sounds flat or animated.

Are you someone that we would risk putting in from the client, knowing that at the end of the day if you do a terrible job it affects our relationship with the firm. When we evaluate and assess, we want to know how you are telling your story.

Thus, when you ask that question, "Didn't you read my resume," you are showing that you are a moron. You are showing that you don't know how the system works. Although I encourage people to make the system work for them, think about it for 2nd. This person is going to be paid somewhere between $20,000 and $100,000 to refer you and you are being argumentative with them.. They have a point to doing everything that they do.

Why would you be confrontational? It makes no sense. Understand, again, they are being paid to evaluate and assess people and refer someone who is going to be hired by the client. They just want this to work like clockwork.

Act like a jerk, you show your jerk. Don't do it.

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