Don’t Forget This LinkedIn Feature

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter reminds you not to overlook this feature on LinkedIn.

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Let's talk today about another feature of LinkedIn that tends to be neglected. It should be an obvious one. It isn't.

We tend to focus on LinkedIn as a networking site. We talk about groups. We talk about profiles. We forget one thing – – it is also a job board. It works differently than the traditional job boards. So let's start off by talking about its functionality.

You can set preferences for location. You can send multiple locations for where you are open to looking for a job. It will pull from your job title firms that have openings in your area or specified area that fit that job title. You can always scroll down and look further to consider firms within your network that are hiring.

You can look at jobs in 2 ways. One is by positions available within your geographic area that are consistent with your job title as well as firms within your network that have openings.

Ostensibly, that doesn't necessarily fit but is designed for individuals who, shall we say, are trying to network within an organization to tap into a hidden job market or it is designed to correlate with organizations that you want to do some networking in so that you can work back channel so that perhaps there could be an opening created for you.

Don't neglect the jobs area. Don't make it your primary recruiting source or jobhunting source. Make the primary part of LinkedIn (the networking capabilities) your primary focus. But don't forget about this 1, too.

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