Show Some Product Knowledge & /or Curiosity!

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter encourages you to prepare questions that demonstrate your product knowledge.

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I want you to start off that section of the interview where you normally ask about the job with a question that makes them want to talk about what. They want you to accomplish during your 1st year with the firm, during the 1st 90 days of the firm… Stuff along those lines.

I also want to think a little bit further and going to a little bit more detail. This 1 of the scenarios I want to ask you, in terms of your preparation.

If you interview for a job with Facebook and you never use the product, do you think you might qualified? You could come up with all sorts of rationalizations but you really wouldn't understand how the business works and what they really do and stuff like that. How about if you interview with Google and it never done a Google search before. Again, it's a complicated scenario. Maybe there are some jobs you will be qualified for the not a heck of a lot. Same thing when you interview with a lot of other organizations.

Why not ask informed questions about the firm, its business and how you fit in? You work for car company and are interviewing for design role. Our design decisions made? You drive up to Ford in a Mazda? Probably not. Do you interview at Pepsi and bring the Coke product? Probably not. Do you do things that might ask about how design decisions are made, indicate your curiosity about particular curves in the line of the car that really got you excited and how that got created? Yeah, you do stuff like that!

You put a twinkle in your own as you talk about these things. Maybe it's a car accessory and you speak in a way that shows your passion for cars and your curiosity about the product... Whatever it is, going extra layer that demonstrates some product knowledge as well.

Don't think it at the time of the interview; actually take some time to prepare for this because they will pick you apart otherwise and find that you are a bullsit artist. Don't be goofy about this.

I think is very helpful when you interview to show some product knowledge, and some product curiosity, rather than just appear ignorant.

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