The First Two Steps Toward Changing Careers

The First Two Steps Toward Changing Careers

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses the first two things you need to do when you begin to think about changing careers.


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We're going to talk today about changing careers in the 1st 2 steps to take when you're thinking about changing careers.

The 1st 1 I always assesses taking 1 of those self-assessment tests. There are a lot of very famous ones like Myers-Briggs that comes to mind about this. These are basically skills inventory tests that are designed to get a sense of what type of environment your personality tends to thrive in. There's another one I recently took the got me pretty well pegged. It doesn't tell me about careers; it just gives me a sense of my personality that was developed by Sally Hogshead. She has a book out called, "How The World Sees You." My encouragement is to start off by getting some professional testing done.

Hogshead's test is not going to give you a sense of your careers. It will give you a sense of your personality typing and how you are at your best.

Once you get a sense of where you thrive and the type of personality that you have, you start speaking with people. You start asking them for advice based upon what they know of you. Based upon some of your own reflections and insights.

I just got pick a career in general. Let's say you think that you want to be a potter. You like that because you enjoy making pottery. If you are someone who needs an income, you need to understand the business side of being a potter. If you want to do public speaking. You need to understand the business side of public speaking, right? You'll want to talk to people who can give you insights into the.

When all is said and done, you can't just simply wish and hope and think and pray that these ideas that you have will instantly materialize as something that will be wonderful and all your issues will be solved. You'll need to do some homework in order to really understand the business side of this, what it is really like working in these fields, and a whole host of other things.

By the way, LinkedIn is a great tool for this. You are able to reach out to people who are doing this kind of work, maybe set up a Skype session with them and speak with them via Skype or face time or some other tool that you might use about what it's like working in this field and about what you is a career change would really need to know.,


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Sometimes, people find themselves in a professional boat that they no longer like and decide to change careers. Sometimes, people lose their careers because the economy has changed and suddenly discover that they have lost a career they have invested in for a lifetime.
On this show, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter speaks with career coach Marc Miller about changing careers and how people can figure out how to get going and land in something they love.


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