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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question he received on about changing jobs quickly after taking your first position.

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"If you've only been at your 1st job for less than a year will applying for another one. Leave a bad impression?" That's the question. 1st job, leaving quickly, will leave a bad impression?

The answer is, "Yes." However, it doesn't really matter. Let me give you the comparison.

It took an exam in 3rd grade and got a poor score. There you are at age 22. Doesn't really matter that in 3rd grade you flunked the math test? Of course not.

The same thing is with your 1st job. What is most important is what you learned from that experience. What you take away from it that you can apply to your next organization and the one after that.

If there becomes a pattern of you changing jobs frequently, that definitely will hurt.

However, 1st job? Relatively quick tour of duty (remember we don't know how long this is. For all I know it is a year and 1/2 and this person has a value of staying a job for 2 years)? Let's assume that is less than the year and this person wants to change jobs. Will leave a bad taste in this employers mouth? Yeah, probably.

But, like this 3rd grade math exam,, it doesn't matter.

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