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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter The Host of Job Search Radio
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
 Host of Job Search Radio


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, has helped organizations achieve their objectives by hunting for leaders and staff as employees or consultants since 1971.  

He has effectively worked with industry leaders and start-up firms in many industries to fill many types of roles in the United States and Canada.


“The common thread of my life is encouraging and supporting people. Whether it’s my work as a search professional, as a therapist, a leader, a husband and father, I try to help individuals and organizations prosper.”

Throughout his career, he has developed and managed client relationships, internal recruiting staff and successfully completed numerous engagements. In addition, he has been a job search coach helping people find work much more easily than left to their own devices.


“I understand how important it is for a firm to hire a whole person who fits into their culture and can deliver, not just a person who acts like a machine that can execute tasks. That holds true when I work with people, too. People need to join organizations where they are set up to succeed and can move their careers forward.


Jeff holds the CPC designation (The Certified Personnel Consultant designation is awarded by the National Association of Personnel Services to professionals who are able to meet rigorous standards).

He is also a leader emeritus of the ManKind Project, a not for profit organization that assists men with life issues, was a practicing psychotherapist with a successful practice in New York,  and is a husband and a father of a terrific teen.

Jeff has his Master’s degree from Fordham University and post-graduate training at the Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis (IMP), where he developed an expertise in organizational development that makes him uniquely qualified to evaluate a potential employee for their “fit” into an organization.



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