Job Search Radio – What to Do When The Recruiter Calls


With all the effort recruiters make to find someone using LinkedIn, Facebook, social media, the web and other tools, you can expect to receive calls at your office from recruiters reaching out to you and trying to engage with you.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter speaks with Frank Risalvato, founder of Inter-Regional Executive Search, about what to do when a recruiter calls, even if it is at a time when you can’t speak or if you aren’t interested in the position they have available.


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Job Search Radio – Absolutely Abby Talks Hiring with Abby Kohut

Abby Kohut is an human resources professional who has helped several organizations staff many positions. In that role, she is required to have job applicants comply with many of “the rules” her firm has set down.


However, she is also, Absolutely Abby” a job search advisor who is currently traveling around the United States telling job hunters the absolute truth about how to effectively job search without following the supposed rules.


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Job Search Radio – How to Plan for Starting Your Career or Changing Your Career


So often, students and career changers enter into career decisions with much too little information to know with certainty that their chosen profession will be one that will keep them interested, challenged and well-compensated for the next 30 or 40 years of their lives.

Jeff interviews Aaron Michel, the CEO and Founder of Pathsource, a site that provides students and career changers information about careers and changing careers. They discuss a methodology for conducting career exploration that helps minimize the possibility of making mistakes that result in lost opportunity and heartache


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Job Search Radio – Uniquely Boomer . . . Well, Not Exactly with Bill Vick

Older workers, like younger workers, have challenges when finding work. However, the issues they experience are often of their own doing and may deal with failing to keep up or failing to get good advice.


Jeff interviews Bill Vick, a veteran job search professional and coach about some of the issues veteran workers experience and how to cope with them.
He also introduces a new feature on the show, The Job Search Insider with advice for job hunters.


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Job Search Radio – Branding Yourself in 2 Minutes or Less


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter invited Manhattan career coach Ellis Chase, author of “The Fund Forever Job” back to speak about branding and the importance of avoiding the typical 30 second “elevator pitch.”

Together, they discuss a formula for constructing and branding statement that can be used at network meetings, when running into someone, at interviews and other places that will help you standout in people’s minds, help you get more interviews and more effective results.



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Job Search Radio – “From Shock to Action”


You’re sitting at your desk when someone walks over to you and tells you that your manager wants to see you in the conference room. You walk in and see someone from HR, your manager and someone you’ve never met before who starts to tell you that your job has been eliminated.

Jeff and Ellis Chase, one of New York’s leading career consultants discuss what to do when they slip the piece of paper in front of you to sign when you are being laid off and how to begin the transition from shell-shocked former employee to active job hunter.



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Job Search Radio – “Getting on the Radar”


Whether you are actively or passively looking for work, you need to do things to get on the radar of the different people who will be trying to hire talent.


Jeff and David Perry, the head headhunter for Perry-Martel International and author or co-author of 5 books including, “Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters” discuss the mistakes people make with their LinkedIn profiles, how to make them stronger and an example of someone who David helped find a divisional President’s position for with a firm many times larger than his current one at a compensation at least 3 times larger than what he was currently earning that all started with powering up his LinkedIn profile.

To receive a copy of the audio that David mentions on the show, go to



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Job Search Radio – Starting a Networking Group Focused on You


Can you imagine being involved with a network group focused on your unique needs? Can you imagine a group that focused on helping you with finding a job, developing your skills and professional interests that was ready to help you when you needed it?

Jeff interviews Terrence Seamon, the co-author of white paper, “A Guide to Starting a Job Search Support Group,” about the benefits and mechanics of starting your own group from his own experience of starting a group.


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Job Search Radio – Networking Your Way Back to Work

Too often, people think of networking as connecting with people on LinkedIn instead of doing one-to-one belly-to-belly networking. John Sampson is an extraordinary networker who runs a group that has been in continuous operation since 1991.

John spends time with Jeff discussing easy to implement ideas for how to network without the nervouseness too many people have when they meet someone new.



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Job Search Radio – Job Loss and Moving Through The Pain


Losing a job is often shocking. After all, many people have their personal and professional identities tied up in their work. Often, the first question you ask someone when you meet them for the first time is, “So, what do you do?” For people who have lost their jobs, that simple question can evoke a lot of shame and anger.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and Damien Birkel, the author of “The Job Search Checklist” and founder of Professionals in Transition support group discuss experiences with being laid off or fired, some of the warning signs to look out for before a layoff and some of things you need to do to plan your next steps.



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