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We’ll Keep Your Resume on File? Does It Mean Anything? | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answer someone’s question about whether “We’ll keep your resume on file,” means anything.
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Does "We'll keep your resume on file," mean anything?

If you could see me, you'll know I am not 21 anymore. I will simply say that when I was 21 and I would mail out resumes to employers, I would get the form letter back that said, "we will keep your resume on file," it meant absolutely nothing because when a new position opened up, do you really think that they ran to the file cabinet to look to see if they had any resumes that were suitable? As a matter of fact, does anyone have a file cabinet anymore for anything other than storing bills and hiding stuff?

At the end of the day in The Stone Ages, it meant nothing. Database times are little bit different.

Some firms are just too busy to do anything more than input into their system so that they can deal with government reporting. However, a lot of firms input into the database (they are "file" as you will) and the times when new positions open up, they're doing searches to identify people that they have had some contact with. Those can be individuals who may have interviewed well with that they never interviewed. They have them in the database now and, as a result, they have the option to which back to you.

Again, a lot of firms are way too busy to do this I would rather just go to the expense of running another ad or starting networking from scratch all over again, instead of checking their own systems. However, a lot of smart firms are doing it.

It may have meaning and it may not have meaning. There is no way of ever knowing.

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