Are You Willing to Go For Broke?

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses going for broke as part of your strategy and uses the story of an actor to make his point.

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So you send a resume to a recruiter, you had a phone interview, they make a suggestion for you to tweak your resume in a particular way, you send back a resume where you change 2 words. Why did you do that?

The recruiters tell you exactly what he or she needs . And they are telling you that not to waste your time, but because the client is communicated to them exactly what they need to see. Let me give you an example.

I'm doing a search for client (I'm not going to tell you where they are but it is a C-level position with this firm) And they have changed directions on what they are looking for. Instead of an executive type, they want to hire someone who came up the technology ranks who can do some technology work but has managed resources at a firm of a particular size. GREAT!

They are clear now about what they want.I can handle the fact that they change directions; I'm not happy that I wasted time on it, but I got back to 1 of the candidates I qualified for it and told them that, "the position and the client Have changed directions in a way that I thought sooner the better.. I'm looking at you at your resume and needs to have a couple of tweaks. Can you get that to me later today or tomorrow?"

"Sure," and he sends back a document where one change had been made in one sentence. It addressed none of the Concerns about size and scope of the firms that he had done work for, did make clear his current technology expertise... He wasted everyone's time.

Don't be a fool.Do what you are being coached to do as long as it is not a lie. I want to I want to be clear about that.. Do what you are being coached to do as long as it is not a lie. I don't believe in lying; I know you don't as well. Everyone gets hurt when lies occur BUT the recruiter is telling you something when they are asking for a revision tooth your resume.

If you said to them, "You can make the change," They can't. Yes, they could type a couple words But you know the depth of your skill far better than they. Put it in the resume when they ask for! It takes 10 minutes for you to do it. It takes an hour for them because they don't know you. Because they are going to send it back to you for approval, you will say, "That's not exactly right" save time and type out the few words to make it accurate.

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