Going Behind The Recruiter's Back

Going Behind the Recruiter’s Back

Ep 280 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discourages you from going behind a recruiter’s back to contact the client directly.

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There are some recruiters that are terrific; there are many that aren't. The 1st and will remind you of his to not paint them all with the same brush. You have to evaluate and assess each person individually in much the same way as if you are being being evaluated, you want to be treated individually, not as part of one group of individuals who works in a particular company painted with the same broad brush stroke that someone else is. You want to be standing on your own. Why you expect recruiters to be any different than you. So the 1st thing is to evaluate and assess people individually.

One tip about working with recruiters... You have a recruiter who has scheduled you for an interview and you are not hearing back right away and you contact the client directly. WHY? This person has a relationship with the client. Yes, you haven't heard anything and it is very likely that they haven't heard anything. If they had good news, don't you think they would've told you already? Of course! See you call the client and that makes no sense.

Trust that there is good news they are going to leap all over and get in touch. If there is no news or bad news, there is a message and a lack of communication, be patient with them. There is no reason to contact the client directly; they are busy folks, too. Just because you are impatient don't make it their problem. Just simply reach out to the recruiter and send them an email or text and say, "Have you heard anything yet?"

If they say that they haven't, accepted at face value. Do you think you can bang on the client store and say, "I want to know what is going on," because that is how they take that phone call, you think anything good is going to come of that? It won't. All that you're going to be doing is going over the head of the recruiter and piss them off. It's going to make them less likely to represent you. I know you don't care about that but the fact of the matter is you should. Recruiters have a pulse on the market that you will never have.

I want you to hear that again.

Recruiters have a pulse on the market that you will never have. You need them. You may not think you do. But you need them.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is an executive job search and leadership coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years.

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