It’s Harder to B. S. Companies

EP 278 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how LinkedIn makes it harder for you to BS an employer.

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I did an interview last night that's going to be on job-search radio very soon , with a tilt acquisition director for a firm. The idea of the show is what firms look for when they hire. part of what I want to do was understand how his organization selects people to interview.

Yes, there is the obvious stuff– – Does the resume demonstrate a fit with what they are looking for? They don't want to have to read between the lines. You need to be explicit.

People argue with me all the time that they have the experience to my client is looking for. However, when I look at the resume, there is nothing there to indicate it. They then ask, "Why didn't you call?" Who has time! That was one detail.

Another thing that they do that I thought was really interesting is that they have an account with LinkedIn that lets them see that the entire LinkedIn database. Fabulous! What they look for his how you explain what you have done on your profile to see if it is congruent with what you've written on your resume. They are also looking for endorsements and recommendations on your profile. With endorsements,, I'm going to use an example (he didn't use this one; . I think it is a good example). Because it is something that I did recently.

A person sent they are resume to me for a PHP job. I look at their profile on LinkedIn. They have 25 endorsements for Java and 2 for PHP. What is the message? Obviously, that they are not as experienced in PHP as they are in Java. You have to have a profile that is congruent with how you are marketing yourself. Because recruiters are looking at your profile for clues. They are trying to see whether what you are communicating your resume is BS or whether it is accurate.

They look at recommendations as a way of seeing what kind of what kind of references you have. It's a really interesting approach that this guy talked about.

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