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I am a medical / business consultant and MD who has enjoyed an exceedingly diverse career that has been focused on a combination of both full time work and short / long term engagements. This work has been well distributed throughout the entire world of healthcare and medicine and includes: hospitals, clinical delivery, pharmaceuticals, devices, med. ed, software and computers in medicine.

My full time work has ranged from the planning of hospital systems (including both management and their design), to pharmaceuticals, medical education, including medical publishing and promotional med ed. in all media and systems for worldwide distribution and teaching. This includes a recent consulting focus on development and partnering opportunities for novel therapeutics in CNS and neurology, and to medical devices, (ortho implants, blood sampling and drug metering technologies).

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    Berman, Simeon, MD, MBA Consultant / Medical Business, Senior Project Manager Bus Dev Resume posted by [email protected]
    West OrangeNew Jersey, United States
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    1 Feb 2012