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Posted by | December 28, 2011 | Temping

By Ted Wintris

When you’re starting a new career, temping can be one of the best ways to get started in the corporate world. Although there are less limitations in finding work, you will find that you can be quickly making the right connections on the business world.

If you’re looking to start into this area, here’s some quick information that will help you:

– Be available for vacations

Summer vacation is when the office is empty – and it often needs the help! Be prepared at these times, and you’ll have the full attention of potential partners in getting set up with a full time job. The winter holidays are also great time for this. You’ll also have the added opportunity to appear much more visible at these times.

– Find Jobs You Enjoy

Many people spend their lives in jobs they hate. While the right “psychological” frame of mind can mean that you’ll enjoy even highly mundane types of work, it will help in the long run if both your employer and yourself enjoy your tasks.

– Accept that you start at the bottom

Starting somewhere is an important thing when you get started. It’s ok to start at the bottom – it actually helps you set your eyes on the top.

If you’re successful in short term jobs, you’ll be rewarded with bigger tasks that pay more. Once a regular process takes place, you can sometimes return to the same job year after year.

– Focus on making first impressions

Look to make friends in the company as soon as possible. Have a good image, and people will always think highly of you.

Stay off the cell phone, text messages, and games. Use a proper posture, and ask before exploring something new (sometimes this is the best way to meet people in your new workplace)

– Use the position as a springboard

Jobs can come from big companies through temp agencies, turning them into full time careers. If you keep the right relations then this can go much further.

If you ask other people what they do, to try to understand their jobs, they can often help you with valuable learning information.

– Have a “Welcome Speech”

When you’re new on the job, people are always interested in what you want to do with your life. If you give people a hand in understanding what you’re preparing for with a 15 second sample of your goals, it will help you get ahead with your networking.

The talk doesn’t have to be completely focused on your employer’s tasks, however it’s good to have it prepared.

Full Time jobs have often come from some of the best part time careers!

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